Since breaking ground in January of 2005, Air and Space Museum has been dedicated to moving the masses. Educated listeners discover odd time structures interspersed with standard rock hooks. With their third display, Loose Lips Sink Spaceships, released January of 2008, one is educated in the physics of aerodynamic lift. Guitar and vocals layered over bass and drums project the fan to a further frontier. When deciphering the coded message of the lyrics one discovers an emotional take on empowerment in love and life. Ken Herbst, Air and Space Museum's curator, narrates the exhibit with words and guitar. On bass, Rob Gilmore guides a tour into a galaxy where no man gazes at his shoes. Rel Rejman keeps the ships on track as he navigates the dynamic hitting of skin with sticks. So stand up, move up front and see what else the Air and Space Museum has to offer. If you want the Demo's download them they're free on our website.